Editors' Take

Editors' Take

Welcome to RealVr.Guide

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2016 is the year of VR, or so they say. The Oculus Rift has launched, HTC is making a play with the Vive, Google is upping its Cardboard game and Playstation VR is just around the corner. With so much happening I thought this is the time for me to jump in.

I work at Google, so naturally I started playing around with the Cardboard apps and camera, capturing some very cool 360 images of family day trips in the process.  Now, I have a five month old at home, and I’d love to get some great 360 footage of him growing up, but when I wanted to upgrade to a bespoke 360 camera, I ran into a bit of a wall. There’s not a ton of product information out there and what you can find is very disjointed. Mostly a mix of press releases, recycled news articles and company websites.

So I thought I’d share my learnings as I go along and try to maintain updated information on what’s actually out there for sale today; and not just vaporware or on back-order. A quick disclaimer, much of the content (for now at least) is based on what I could salvage from the web, and not on actual product-in-hand reviews. A second disclaimer, though I work for Google, I’m not involved in any of their VR efforts, and all thoughts, opinions and the like are mine and mine alone.

As to the name of the site (RealVR.Guide), it is a gift from the twin gods of domain squatting – try and find any .com with VR in the title that hasn’t already gone premium, I dare you – and gTLDs which means that if you get creative enough with the extension even the bravest squatter hasn’t found them all.

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